Using Clairvoyance and How to Develop It

Using Clairvoyance and How to Develop It

A clairvoyance is someone that is able to have clear vision. When you are able to hear or feel things without using your five senses, chances are you have a Clair gifting. Clairvoyance helps you to get knowledge and insight without using your five senses. This is called the sixth sense.

Everyone interprets things differently and you can interpret things based on the energies that are associated with your gift. Many people have a gifting, but they do not realize it because even though they experience it, they use their five senses to make sense of it.

Clairvoyance is a phrase that psychics use when they are able to see things as images or to get the feelings of senses and other things without being able to explain why.

Developing Clairvoyance

We all are born with a special psychic gifting, but some people only focus on their five senses and they forget that they have a sixth sense, or they don’t believe in it.

Once you learn about your gift, you will become different and you will see the value in it. You will stop ignoring the things you see and the things you hear, and you will stop relying on just your five senses for answers.

People that are psychic see things differently and they use their intuition to be able to know what they are doing. Everyone can develop their giftings and can pick up information from everywhere.

Whatever you felt or sensed is stronger once you learn to recognize your gift and feel awake.

Just like you can learn to do any skill, you can learn to develop your psychic giftings. Clairvoyance is no different.

Being a Clairvoyant

If someone wants to be clairvoyant, they need to know that this is not something that you can just have. This is a gift that the universe gives you in order to help you to be your best. If you already have the gift, you can develop it and become stronger and learn to pick up on the energies by filtering through your senses and going beyond what the world tells you.

If you want to develop your gift, you have a lot to learn and it can be hard sometimes. There will be times that you are connected to things that you do not even realize.

You also have to know that you need to be responsible with your gift and with developing your gift. You must learn to get rid of the mind chatter and learn to develop who you are as a person so that you can reach your awakening.

It will not help you to have visions if you are not able to overcome the problems in your life or to find balance.

You cannot be open to all of the information coming and going or this will cause you to be overwhelmed and stressed out.

Having a psychic giftings can be both good and bad. You will pick up on both negative and positive feelings and it can make you feel sick sometimes. This is an experience that you can get when you are around someone with negative feelings or emotions. Sometimes it will make you feel that you are hopeless, and you cannot help anyone.

Positive Things

Once you learn to develop who you are, you will be better in doing your psychic works. You will have less dread and you will be open to more things in your life. The more you develop who you are, the more you will be able to handle things in your life.

Once you learn to get rid of the pollution that comes into your mind, you will see life more positively.

Seeing in the Future

Some people are able to see more into the future than others. The sixth sense is different for everyone and sometimes this sense is woken up and you are able to see deeper into people and what is going on in their life.

The more you develop the gift, the more you will be sensitive to the world around you. You will start connecting with people and you will be able to see them clearly. The bigger the picture is the more you will see that you are helpful.

You will discover who you are, and you will gain knowledge that you never had before. This will help you to be more emotional and open to those around you.

You will see that there are many benefits to being a clairvoyant and once you have an open heart and mind, you will judge others and yourself less and be happier.

Is Everyone Clairvoyant?

Everyone has a sixth sense, but it is up to them to develop it.

Talking About the Sixth Sense

Not everyone will talk about having a sixth sense because they either don’t realize that they do, or they are ashamed or think they are crazy.

People that are psychic are often put down or belittled but sometimes it is seen as something special. The world sees it as an occult, and this means that man people keep these gifts hidden.

The knowledge that they pick up and get will sometimes stay hidden inside of them because they do not want the world to see them as different.

Intuition and Clairvoyance

Intuition and clairvoyance are connected. This is something that both take energy and psychics pick up on energy. Even though they are different, they are similar.

Paranormal Abilities

We live in a world where the idea of paranormal is making great strides. People are being more open to the idea of these things and they are not as frustrated or afraid as they used to be.

People used to always hide these gifts but now they are more willing to develop them and to become reliant on themselves and their own beliefs and they are making deeper connections.

When we focus on who we are and what we are doing, we can dig deeper into what we want to do and what we see. Some psychics use different tools of divination such as tarot cards or crystal balls, but they use their gut feelings even more to understand their gifting.

Visions and Life

Having visions and Clair giftings can help you to be able to see things without being afraid. It can be challenging and hard, but it can also help you to reach a deeper level as to who you are. Most of the skills that you get can be worked on and the energy that you have will help you through what is going on in your life.

As you develop your giftings, you will begin to see things clearly and you will learn to trust yourself and who you are.

You will learn to be practical and learn not to act upon everything that you feel or see but you will learn to have advice and to give advice. When you have something inside that you just know, you will be brave, and you will learn to tell others for their own good. This is something that you have to trust, and you have to learn to trust yourself in order to really develop your gifts.

Seeing Spirits

Some people can see spirits, and some cannot. Just because you are clairvoyant doesn’t mean that you can or cannot see spirits. This is different for everyone.

Seeing a Spirit or Vision

Seeing a spirit or a vision just comes to you when you are clairvoyant. Maybe you are in a room full of people and you see something else that no one sees. This can be part of your gifting. You must be sensitive to yourself to feel your giftings.

When you see things and you have so much chatter going on in your mind, it can be hard, and you have to learn to shut down some of the voices. You must learn to have a filter so that you can figure out when to turn it on and off. Having too much going on inside of you can cause you stress.

Some information that you might get can come from other Clair gifts such as:

  • Clairaudience which is clear hearing.
  • Clairsentience which is feeling or touching something.
  • Claircognizant which is clear knowing.
  • Empathy is having compassion on someone and being able to feel their feelings and their thoughts.

The way that you interpret things can be your own way.

Visions and Helping Life

When you have visions and you have the ability to see and feel things, you can make better decisions in your life. This can mean that you know where to go and you know where not to go. This can mean that you learn to trust your instincts and to pay attention to what is going on.

If you are going somewhere and you get a sudden sense of something or a vision, this can be a future reading or something warning you.

Maybe you will think that you didn’t see a real vision but the more you think about it the more you realize that you did and how true it was.

Remember that things like television and electronics can cloud your judgement and sometimes when you see visions it is like a flash on the television. Just because you feel this doesn’t mean that you are just imagining things or that you aren’t seeing what you thought you were.

You will know when you have different visions and thoughts and when you become more creative and sensitive, this will be part of your gifting.

Even when you see a vision, you might have a hard time understanding or knowing what it is right away but learn to pay attention and you will see that there is more to it than you imagined.

One you learn to change, and you learn to accept your Clair gifts, you will see that you will see things in the future, and you will learn to trust yourself. You will keep seeing visions or having feelings and the more that they become right, the stronger your gifting will be.

The ideas will come to you all the time, when you are walking, showering or even when you are sleeping. You might even have strange dreams and ideas that you don’t understand, embrace them anyway.

Someday people will want to use you for your gifting, just be patient.

Advice for Psychics

There are different things that you can do to develop your giftings and you have to learn to notice and to pay attention to when your gifts are working. If the phone rings and you know who it is, that is part of your gift.

Take time to write down the times that your gifts shined through and then you will see that your gifts are developing.

Another thing that you can do is to meditate. Take time to calm your mind and to get rid of the mind clatter. Sit in a quiet room and light a candle and allow yourself to relax.

Pay attention to the signs and symbols that you see. Maybe you are always seeing a certain color or a certain number, note that down in your journal. Figure out what the symbols mean to you.

Practicing your gift can be relaxing and it lets you to develop patience that you need when you are working with your giftings. Having patience is important with clairvoyance and it helps you to become more sensitive and to be able to hear things more clearly.

If you want to develop your clairvoyance, learn to develop your emotions and your sensitivity. This is a place where you can find balance and be able to recognize your feelings and your energies. Be prepared to invest time and energy into your growth and allow yourself to change.

Clairvoyance is something that will come to you and the more you develop it, the more you will pay attention and learn to think for yourself.