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Understanding Dreams and Visions

Understanding Dreams and VisionsDreams are one thing that are very interesting to most people.  When you wake from a nightmare and wonder what happened and are scared or if you have a dream that is so vivid, it can be something that is symbolic in the mind.

Sometimes we will dream about people that we haven’t seen for a long time or we will dream in a place where we have never been before.  Dead people can even visit in dreams and come to speak to you while you are sleeping, revealing the psychic world through your dreams.

When someone sleeps, their mind is still moving, and it is a time when you can connect with the spiritual world.

In this article, we are going to talk about three different types of psychic dreams and how you can learn to dream on a regular basis.


There are different types of dreams and it is up to who dreams it to determine what it means.  Interpreting dreams can be very important, and this is a time where you need to learn to understand the world around you and the astral plane.

There are different types of dreams and each of these dreams can help to make a psychic connection and take you on a journey that you never imagined.  Dreaming can help you to connect with your psychic abilities.


When you connect with people while you are dreaming, and they are dreaming too, this is called telepathy.

If you come across someone when you are sleeping that you know or don’t know and they give you information about their wellbeing, chances are that you will know if the dream is true when you wake up.

Sometimes when we are sleeping, our subconscious mind will go into the astral plane and will give you visions about someone that you know.  You need to connect with them as soon as you can and make a telepathic connection.

Telepathic dreams come from the physical realm and help you to connect with others, sometimes to help them.

Precognitive Dreams

A dream that predicts the future is a precognitive dream.  These can happen and then take weeks, months or even years before they happen.  Sometimes though, it can happen almost immediately.

Sometimes precognitive dreams are super stressful and intense and most people who dream regularly with precognitive dreams will know that they have dreamed it before and will not see it as a big thing.

Other people, will be disturbed by these dreams and those that never hardly have it happen, will be very upset if they dream about something tragic.

These dreams can be traumatic, and it is important that you take it serious and try to connect with the person that you dreamed about.

Clairvoyant Dreams

When a person can get information about people and things without using their senses, they are clairvoyant.  A dream like this is the same because in a dream, the abilities are stronger, and they can make the experience seem like the person is awake.

A clairvoyant dream is when a message come across the astral plane and it is about what is happening in the real world.

Some people can remember these dreams such as dreaming about an earthquake and see it come to life.  Others have seen car crashed or other tragedies.

Having a Psychic Dream

Most people have psychic abilities on the inside and will have psychic visions.  The truth is though, most people do not think a dream is a sign and they do not see it as significant.

A psychic dream is vivid and can leave an imprint on your life.


Part of dreaming is to prepare when you are awake.  Try to relax and reach into your mind to connect with the astral plane.  Be ready to dream.


Keep a dream journal to show you what dreams you have and to see if you have reoccurring dreams or if the dreams get more intense.

Keeping a journal will help you to be able to think about the dream and reveal them to others.

Symbols and Patterns

When you are trying to interpret dreams, make sure that you pay close attention to symbols and patterns.  The better attention that you pay, the more you will see that things have a meaning.

Confirming Your Dream

Messages that you get from your dreams can make you feel like a detective.  Try to piece the information together and if you dream in a certain place or about certain people, try to figure out why.

You might need to see a psychic to help you with this

Always believe that dreaming is a process and ask the spirit guides to help you to know what you should know and to do what you should do.

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