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Run Away From Energy Vampires


Is it possible for someone to be an energy vampire? Someone who will leave you feeling lifeless from loss of blood, but emotionally exhausted?  Yes! It’s true.

These people are familiar to everyone and they’re fairly easy to identify; they can be a relative who wants your continuous support, but never takes your advice, they can be a parent or authority figure who attacks everything you do or they could even be a friend you trust with your innermost thoughts only to share those thoughts with another.


It’s hard to deal with energy vampires, particularly if they are someone you love and care about. Some of us are particularly empathetic and we are open to the thoughts and feelings of others. A way to cope with energy vampires is t identify your own personal triggers. First you have find what it is about these vampires that exhausts you. Do pessimists and negative people bring you down?  Or is it the insecurity of jealous people, people who are so envious they cannot be happy for others.

You many find yourself drained by people who refuse to take responsibility for their behavior and actions and instead relay on others for their happiness. You may be weakened by those who are judgmental. These are people who  exhaust you with their judgement and intrusiveness.
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While any of us can act this way from time to time, it is the energy vampire displays these behaviors as part of their personality.  It is also possible that the energy vampire doesn’t realize they are having such an effect on you.

Once you have have figured out who the energy vampires are in your life there are some things that you can do to feel better.

Start by looking at the positive traits this person may have, the more things you can think of , the better you will feel.  You may want to examine where their words are coming from; do they think they are giving you valuable advice, or remarking on something you have asked about in the past.  This will put you in the position of positivity.


Another positive strategy is imagining yourself surrounding by a white light of protection.  This glow can protect you from outside negativity.  Above all, don’t engage with the negativity. It will make you feel terrible by association and just drag you down further.   Keep yourself from responding to their negative behavior with some of your own.

A good way to protect yourself is meditate and build up your level of positivity. You can also do this by thinking about what you are grateful for and listening to music. Exercise is a great way to build positivity.

Because we are energetic beings, we respond to the frequency of the energy of those who surround us. If you maintain a level of positivity, you can bring out the positive energy in those around you.

If you find yourself unable to build a strong defense against a particular energy vampire, you may have to set a firm boundary with this person. There is nothing wrong with protecting your feelings.

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