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Psychic Attacks

Psychic AttacksA psychic attack happens when you are being hurt by energy around you that is psychic energy.  This can be a spirit or a curse.  It can be something someone put against you.

This can also happen when you are exposed to things that are violent and harmful such as violence, anger, emotional outburst or someone bullying you.

These attacks are not always intentional, sometimes they happen because someone is talking to you angrily and they don’t realize that they are really affecting you.  When they become more aware, they will feel bad and wish they hadn’t treated you that way.


There are symptoms of a psychic attack and these include nightmares, mood swings, a feeling that something dark is following you, not feeling normal, being sad or depressed, feeling that you aren’t alone or having hardships.

Avoid These Things if Being Attacked

If you are being attacked, you have to avoid these things to stop the attack such as avoid being afraid, don’t blame others, do not think that you are cursed, stop judging people or being afraid of spirts, do not hide or attack others.

Handling Attacks

When you are being attacked, look at the shadow and figure out what energy is causing you to be attacked.  Do not be afraid and don’t let your fear or beliefs stop you from standing up to your shadow.

Your shadow is part of your being but when an attack is happening, the energy can bounce right off of you and can hit you in a weak spot.


Always figure out where your insecurities lay.  These can be fear that needs to be healed or released and they can put you in a position where your attack can hurt you.


If you are being attacked, you have to refuse to let it attack you and have authority against it.  Take a deep breath and ground yourself and tell it no.


Always acknowledge the attack and be happy for the attacker.  This can help you to heal and release it and give you a higher purpose as to why the attack happened.


Use crystals such as sodalite that can give you self-awareness and nurturing love.  Identify what you are going through and put up a shield with black tourmaline and fluorite.  Use blue kyanite to get rid of bad thoughts and have jet so you can be empathetic to people.


Don’t blame people or judge people when you are insecure.  There are parts of your body that are there for growth and to help you to make it through your life experiences.  The things that you experience can be part of who you are and can help you to fight off attacks.

A psychic attacker might want to harm you but if you take authority over it, you are doing it a favor.  Send them something nice like flowers because you don’t have to suffer from their intentions.

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