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How Much Should You Pay For A Reading?

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If you’ve had very many psychic readings, you know that their prices vary wildly from free to $900 or more. That’s a pretty large price gap. But what factors determine the price of a psychic reading? Why don’t all psychics charge a universal price for readings? And, how much should you pay for a reading?

Does price effect the quality of the reading?

Price doesn’t seem to guarantee a quality reading. Some free readings are really good, being helpful and insightful. Meanwhile, some expensive readings are not insightful or personalized at all. Basically, you can get a really good psychic reading from both someone who doesn’t charge you at all, or from someone who charges you hundreds of dollars. So, no, price doesn’t necessarily effect the quality of the reading.

Here are the price ranges you can expect to encounter:

Free and Low Cost Readings:

These can be readings from students or newbies who are doing the readings to gain experience. However, there are also many experienced psychics who give free readings, simply to help people, or to exercise their abilities. Some people don’t believe in taking money for helping someone, and they make it a matter of pride to provide psychic readings for free because of it.

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Expensive and High-Priced Readings:

Sometimes when you get a high-priced reading, you’re paying for the brand, not the reading. Once some psychics become well-known, they demand high prices for their services. This is because there is a high demand for celebrity psychics, (John Edwards has had waiting lists that were eight years out because he was so regularly booked) but they can perform only a number of readings per month. In short, you’re paying extra because the psychic is in demand, and everyone else wants readings from them, too.

Average-Cost Readings:

The majority of professional psychics charge mid-range prices and fall under this category. A lot of these psychics and intuitives give high-quality readings, but don’t desire fame and recognition. They do their readings a) to help, and b) to make a living.

Reasons That Not All Readings Are Free:

  • Readings require energy and affect the psychic- sometimes very negatively
  • Years of experience and learning
  • If the psychic sought private mentoring, it probably cost them money
  • Business expenses
  • They may not have staff or assistants, meaning more work for them. If they do have staff or assistants, they have to figure their pay into reading costs.
  • They may not work as a psychic full-time. But, if they do, they have to make enough money that they won’t need a second job.

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Things to Consider:

  • Your budget: Never pay more for a reading than you can afford to pay.
  • Whether your reading will be online or offline. If you do it offline, prices can vary more. Online readings have prices that are more fixed and are often clearly stated.
  • Notoriety: Whether you want to pay more for a reading because the psychic is well-known.

Rather than picking a psychic to perform your reading based on notoriety, or assuming that if you pay more, the reading will be better, look for honest reviews of their readings. Ask around, as well. If someone got either a particularly bad or a particularly good reading, they’ll likely be more than willing to talk about it, either singing praises or condemning the psychic. And, if you can, talk to the psychic beforehand. It’s much easier to trust a person with intimate details of your life if you feel like you can easily talk to them or trust them.

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