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How Much Should You Pay for a Reading?

cost 1The price cost for a psychic reading can vary from free to more than $900.  That’s a sweeping difference, right?  So the question is, how much of your hard earned money should you dish out?  Does a higher cost really mean better psychic reading quality?  And why does the cost important?

Does Price Determine Quality?

No, not at all.  Let’s compare psychic reading cost to fast food.

If you go to McDonalds, you are going to eat really cheap but the food is not gourmet quality.  If you want five star food, you have to pay five star prices.

Luckily for us, psychic reading cost is much different!

I’ve had free and low cost psychic readings, a very expensive one (with a famous medium that cost me $700), and some in between that cost from $100 to $300.

From my years as working as an intuitive medium and having readings myself I’ve discovered that higher price does not necessarily determine quality.  For example, my reading with the famous medium was not very good, and some of the inexpensive readings I’ve had were great.

Why Does Cost Vary So Much?

This is a great question and there are a lot of reasons for this.  Lets check out different price points:

Free and Low Cost Psychic Readings

Often times, free and low cost readings are offered by students and newbies so that they can gain experience.  Once they have some experience under their belt, they typically raise their price.  I’ve also noticed that initiatives who work on the side (meaning they also have a regular “day job”) are usually cheaper.

Most Expensive Readings

Famous and very well known psychics and mediums are in such demand that their fees are very expensive.  As of the time of this writing, John Edward’s waiting list is eight years out!  With celebrity psychics such as this, it comes down to supply and demand.  There’s a huge demand for his services, but not much supply – he can only give so many readings per month.

Average Priced Readings

cost 3Most professional readers fall in this category.  They charge prices that are considered average.

Many of these initiatives and mediums are high quality, but choose to stay out of the spotlight.  For example, a friend of mine who is a medium said she would not want her own reality show even if she was offered a million dollars.

Currently, I’m seeing the average price of a psychic medium reading at about $120 for an hour session.  This is for a reading with a professional that is experienced and well established.

To the average person, this price might seem high, but it really is a fair rate.  Some people feel that initiatives should give their gifts away for free, but don’t take into consideration things like:

  • the amount of energy that goes into a reading
  • years of study
  • tuition cost
  • private mentoring costs
  • business expenses
  • Mid to High Range Cost
  • In the next category are those who are priced higher than the average.  They may charge several hundreds of dollars for an appointment.  The readers in this category often:

Have a good reputation

Are well known, but are not super famous.  For example, they may be a popular intuitive blogger or are well known in their town.

Have extra costs of assistants, rent, and advertising

Work as a psychic reader full time

Psychic Reading Cost: What Should You Pay?

cost 2Really, it’s up to you and what you feel comfortable with.

What I’ve personally found – the sweet spot – is that I can get a quality reading from someone reputable, ethical, and experienced for $120 – $170 for a one hour session.

Cheap?  No, but right now it seems to be a typical psychic reading cost.

And when I think of how much it costs me to have my hair cut and colored every two months, it’s not so bad!  You shouldn’t be having more than a few readings per year anyway.

So determine:

  • what you can afford

if you are having a session with someone online or off.  The reason for this is that if you are seeing someone offline, prices may vary depending on where you live.  Online, it is very easy to compare prices – just visit different websites.

if you want to pay more for someone who is very popular, or if you don’t mind seeing someone who is lesser well known.  Keep in mind though that popularity doesn’t necessarily make someone better than a “less popular” reader.  Some intuitive readers are just more private and shy about promoting themselves.

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