How to Maximize Your Psychic Reading

Maximize Your Psychic Reading

When you go for a psychic reading or go to one on the web, you and your reader both need you to have the ideal experience and to leave far from your reading feeling that you are very brave or some significant serenity. You can take steps to offer you some assistance with getting the absolute best from your psychic reading – it’s not all down to your psychic.

Do Your Homework

The most important consideration, if you want a good psychic reading, is to ensure you feel comfortable with your reader. If you’ve never met before, or if you’re meeting online, it’s up to you to have researched your choice of psychic thoroughly. Ask friends for recommendations, or check out the psychic’s testimonials online. Although you can’t tell whether you and a stranger will “click,” you can easily find out whether others have been happy with their readings from this person.

Keep an Open Mind

Whether you’re a confirmed believer or a psychic skeptic having a reading out of curiosity, it’s vital that you approach your psychic reading with an open mind. Most psychics will tell you that their biggest problem is often the client’s own attitude. The psychic will struggle if you go into it with a negative aura. Instead, be ready and willing to hear your reader’s words and understand them. Send your love, positivity, and energy to your psychic, as the best psychics will pick up on this and use it to help deepen the reading.

Know Why You’re There

It’s OK to have a psychic reading “just because,” but the most effective readings are the ones with purpose. Be clear in your own mind about what it is that you want from your reading. Are you looking for guidance on a particular problem? Are you hoping for a medium to connect with your spirit loved ones? Or are you just after a psychic “check-up” or “weather forecast”? If there’s a particular issue you want to address, it helps if you have a list of written questions you can refer to – that way, when you have the opportunity to ask, your mind won’t go blank.

Work With the Psychic’s Style, Not Against It

If your psychic likes to ask you many questions, they’re not necessarily cheating! Some psychics ask questions and seek clarification as they go along; others will ask you barely anything or tell you not to say anything other than yes or no. Fit in with how your psychic works – after all, if you’ve done your homework, you’ll know this in advance and will be happy with the style of your psychic reading.

Don’t Be a Reader Pleaser

It’s not your job as a client to feed your reader’s ego. If you don’t understand or can’t take what they’re telling you, say so. A psychic would much prefer you to seek clarification there and then, rather than just saying yes and then complaining about your reading. Even the best psychics and mediums can have an off day, so if your reading isn’t making sense, speak up nicely and say so! Give your reader a chance to explain what they’re getting in another way or to seek backup information that helps it all make sense.