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Working Towards a Stress Free Life

Hard work can bring on too much stress.  The busiest people want a stress free live, but don’t have the time.  It’s not as complicated as most busy folk believe. You don’t have to make extreme dietary changes, or rethink your philosophy.

All you really have to do is let yourself relax.

Try it. It’s easy if you try.

Start by relaxing your jaw and letting your shoulders unwind. Now relax the tension in your tongue. Take a deep breath.

Now that was easy. Here a few steps to help you relax and reduce your stress levels whenever you are feeling anxious.

  1. It’s all about perspective.

How do you look at your life? Do you see the positive side or the negative side.  This has a direct effect on your stress level. Examine how you talk to yourself. Ask yourself if your worries are something you can fix or solve in the next few hours or if you have control over the situation.   If the answer is no, then just let it go.

Look at your problem as a challenge and look at what you can be grateful for . Look at the problem in context of the bigger picture of your life.  If you can, walk away from the problem and do something else.  Finding something to else to focus on and your stress will start to dissolve.

  1. Regulate your breathing.

Breathing is what keeps us connected to our lives and it is one element that you can control.  Sometimes you can’t catch your breath because of your emotional state. You can calm yourself by controlling your breath.  You have the power to slow down and just breathe.  Use your breath to center yourself.  Use the power of your breath to help you reclaim the power  over your life and manage your stress.

  1. Honor your core values.

Think about what you value most. What virtues are most important to you? Do you value honesty, courage and kindness? Or have respect for kindness and commitment. Whatever they are they have helped you get by in your life. Take a minute to think of them. Once you have them identified.  Honoring these values and using them as safety net for your decisions.  Stick to your guns and to your values and you can prevent stress.

  1. Give yourself some affection.

Be good to yourself.  Treat yourself to a spa day or a massage, or just a nice warm bath.  Relax and do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel pampered.  Slowing down for awhile can have a dramatic effect on your stress level.

  1. Do less.

It’s ok to say no.   Do a little less. Take some time do nothing. Just be. Take the time to put yourself first, even if you do that by doing nothing.  Once you have mastered  the art of doing nothing,  add some importance to your actions by being mindful of everything you do.  Make every moment count and do one thing at a time.  This is a great way to show yourself that your life matters. Valuing yourself is the best stress-reducer of all.

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