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Automatic Writing

Eight Simple Steps to Begin Automatic Writing

Did you know it’s possible to use writing to consult and communicate with spiritual beings? People have long discussed, shared, and practiced different methods for communing supernaturally with higher powers. As far back as the 1500s, distinguished poets and writers documented their pursuit of accessing angels and spiritual guides to seek answers related to their lives and to transform their work. During the 1800s, such divination attempts became more culturally and socially acceptable, as all things mythical were then fashionable.

In the 1870s, an obscure publisher turned spiritualist in the United States claimed he channeled author Charles Dickens’ spirit after Dickens’ death and even received the last part of the book The Mystery of Edwin Drood. The publisher reportedly attempted the contact in part due to Dickens’ fans’ disappointment that the author’s death had left the book unfinished.

Also involved in the process were Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries; romantic poet W. B. Yeats, as well as their wives. The women conducted public information-gathering sessions, then passed the questions on so they could be asked of recently deceased individuals and the rest of the spiritual realm.

More About the Process

Automatic writing is fundamental in this specific method of channeling spirits. Automatic writing is the psychic phenomenon in which a person writes without using the conscious mind.

As with everything related to psychic pursuits, there exists a certain amount of controversy regarding the truth in this concept. Truth manifests for individuals in both objective and subjective manners. Rather than attempting to direct you how or what you should believe, the steps below will simply instruct you how to access a type of inspiration that you may not have previously considered.

Here is a brief, step-by-step process you can follow to begin communicating with the spiritual realm through automatic writing.

There’s not a correct, one-size-fits-all method for recording the information that flows through you, so you need to choose which mode of writing you’ll use. Some practitioners favor the old-fashioned physical presence of paper and pens. Others find it easier to free their mental influence as they allow their fingers to fly over a laptop or computer keyboard. Whichever method you choose, you’ll need to relax, ease into the process, and naturally flow with what transpires.

  1. Find a safe, calm environment to fully engage in your writing. If you can’t be confident and relaxed, you’ll inhibit the flow. The trick is to find a secure, private place in which you can write.
  2. Determine the amount of time you will spend writing.
  3. Take several minutes to calm your mind and control your breath. Meditate as you feel comfortable, with your eyes open or closed, but maintain physical contact with the paper and pen. If you’re using a computer, softly maintain fingertip contact on the keyboard. This can take several minutes or more.
  4. When you’re feeling relaxed, let your pen flow across the page or your fingers move across the keys. Keep your mind open and let thoughts freely flow. Don’t judge or be concerned regarding where they’re coming from.
  5. Begin asking the spirits questions. Be as specific as you can. Don’t worry about understanding the answers at this point; simply write what comes to your mind.
  6. Keep writing for the entire amount of time you allocated yourself.
  7. End your writing session by psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally grounding yourself. Bring your full consciousness back to your physical location and the position of your body. Doing something physically active, such as rubbing your limbs, torso, head, or face may help you redefine your physical boundaries. Or, try jumping up and down or taking a shower. The point is to consciously transition yourself from the fully mentally open state to your conventional, routine physical limits.
  8. After an hour, a day, or longer, read through what you wrote to discover what you manifested. This is no time for judgment—simply read through what you wrote with a curious mindset!

The answers you’re seeking may turn up this time, next time, or even the time after that. Indeed, the treasure you need often shows up unbidden and unexpected, so remain contemplative and embrace the possibilities and ideas.

It’s crucial to trust yourself and your intuition throughout the automatic writing process, so if you feel uncomfortable or anxious in any way, step away and return to the attempt later.

If you feel emotionally uncomfortable, spiritually disturbed, or are envisioning and recording negative, upsetting, or dark thoughts and concepts, stop immediately and force your attention and awareness back onto your physical surroundings. Focus on your connections to your physical environment, and imagine that the space is flooded with bright, clear, positive light.

Discerning the Meaning

Whatever you write, it’s important for you to interpret it in a way that seems right to you. The metaphysical realm is a powerful source of information and knowledge. We often can’t pinpoint why or how we know things, but we know that we know them. Continue trusting yourself, and let knowledge and wisdom bubble forth with no restrictions.

As with other spiritual processes, practice and engagement are essential when it comes to automatic writing. The more you practice, the easier it will become, and the greater your ability will be to open up, receive wisdom, and journey to previously uncharted places.

So, find a place you can relax and be cozy. Open yourself up both consciously and spiritually, and wait for insights to arrive. Communication with spiritual beings will provide you with guidance, enhance your experiences, and add elements of creativity and joy to your life. After all, the truth is both out there and inside.

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