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Developing ESP

Developing ESP

It takes time and patience to develop your ESP, but you can learn to practice and increase your giftings and abilities.

Developing Your ESP

ESP refers to being able to sense things about the world around you without relying on your five basic senses that you have. This is extra data that comes to you. This can include the clair giftings such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and more. There are many ways to practice increasing these skills.


Some people do not have ESP because they have not learned to accept their psychic gifts. You have to learn to recognize this insight when you are trying to connect with your ESP.

This is information that might flash through your mind and it can also be different kinds of sensations such as visions, hearing things, smells, tastes or just knowing things. This is not your imagination even though having an open imagination can help.

You have to learn to pay attention to these flashes that you have, and they might come like this:

  • Images, words, phrases, sounds, or tastes.
  • Journaling these feelings is important.
  • Do not try to interpret these feelings, just write them down.

Focus with Meditation

When you notice that you have these flashes in your mind, learn to focus, and meditate. You can practice this just a few minutes each day and learn to stay quiet and focused.

Start by finding a quiet place to sit where no one will bother you. Deep breathe in and out and pause through each breath.

Focus on your breathing and let your mind focus on what is going on in your mind. When your mind is distracted, return your focus back to breathing.

Tuning In

After you meditate, take time to relax and focus on what you are receiving from the spirit world. Do this with a deck of playing cards.

Shuffle the deck and put it face down in a pile. Turn the top card over and keep your eyes closed and see if you get information from the card. Do not second guess yourself and learn to trust what you feel.

When you turn the card over and you are right, put it in one pile, if you are wrong, in another pile. Learn to count your piles and see what percentage you were right. As you practice, you will notice that you are getting better.

Do this everyday and once you are doing better, keep practicing.


Ask your friends to hold an object in front of you but do not give you any information on it. See what your spirit tells you about the item. Tell them and see if you were right.

Do the same thing with pictures. Give your impression and let them tell you if you are right or wrong. Just like the cards, keep doing this and practice until you are able to see shapes, numbers, colors, objects and more.


When you increase your abilities, follow these tips:

  • Be positive.
  • Do not try if you are having a bad day.
  • Use crystals such as amethyst.
  • Never force your mind and stay calm.
  • Work each day and practice.
  • Put your ego away.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Do not try to interpret things without talking to the spirit guide first.

Growing Your Abilities

Everyone has intuition and other psychic gifts, but some hide these feelings because of the things they believe. Learn to grow and trust your abilities and to work on your talents of your gifts.

Learn to receive information and to be confident in what your spiritual being is telling you.

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