Making Long Distance Love Stronger

Long Distance Love

As strange as it seems, every couple can benefit from some time apart.   This does not mean you should break up, but getting some physical distance between the two of you.  The benefits can help build a stronger bond between you.  This distance doesn’t include a total lack of communication. It isn’t the distance that makes relationships fall apart; a lack of effort between partners makes the romance dissolve.

There are five things you can do to help your love grow, even long distance:

1) A relationship is built on trust

It’s easy to let doubt surface when you aren’t near your partner.  This has nothing to do with who your partner is.  It’s your insecurity testing you.   If you can’t trust him from long distances, how can you trust him when he’s close to you. Learn to build trust before being separated if possible, but also follow your intuition when apart. Stay in contact without becoming obsessive and live your lives knowing one day you will be back together.

2) You will be more appreciative

As hard as it is to be away from your partner, the distance can make you cherish your love a bit more. Time apart gives you time to look forward to each other.   It also gives you more of a chance to be grateful for each other. Sometimes, always being together can get tiring and can leave you complacent about a relationship. Time spent apart allows you to miss the little things about the other person like a real laugh, someone to lie beside in bed, or even a favorite shared meal.

3) You will have better conversations

If you only have a limited time to talk, make sure that what you say is important and clearly communicated. While it can be important to discuss household issues or bills, focus your communication on loving and happy topics to keep the relationship strong. Share about your days and how much the other person is missed and appreciated.

4)The foundation of your relationship will be put to the test.

Being in a long-distance relationship can help you see things the way they really are. From a distance, things can be really clear. For some relationships this may clearly show a need to break up, but for others it can strengthen the bond of how well you work as a couple.

5) You will notice how strong you and your relationship really are.

Not every relationship can or will survive long-distance.  But, by trying, you can see if you are both willing to invest yourselves in romance that will stand the test of time. This will not always be easy, but distance can create relationships that can withstand any obstacle.


Distance should not be used as a test for a new relationship, but if distance has to occur, then take on the challenge with the right mindset. Focus on the suggestions above and allow your love to be tested a bit. The truth about the strength of your relationship will all become clear.

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