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5 Ways to Fall In Love with Yourself

self-love-woman-849x400While many of us look for love from a partner and mate, we often miss out on the person who has some amazing love to give, and who is amazing: the person looking back at us from the mirror.

If we fall in love with ourselves — not in a selfish way, but in an appreciative way — we will discover a source of love that doesn’t run out.

I’ve heard the question, “How can we expect others to love us if we can’t love ourselves?” And while there’s truth to this, it’s also true that often others do love us even if we don’t love ourselves — they see the awesome within us, even if we don’t.

download (5)1. Check Yourself Out.

If you look at yourself in the mirror each day and admire your own reflection, someone else will too. Your style choices must be a reflection of what you like. Do not try to be a carbon copy of someone in a fashion magazine if you want to attract your soulmate. Remember that your outward appearance is intended to please the man of your dreams, not other women. The combination of wardrobe, makeup and accessories should emphasize to the world that there is only one you. Fall in love with the look you perfect and perfect love will follow.

2. Mind Your Manners.

How you conduct yourself in public is your greatest advertisement. Every greeting is like a billboard that tells the world what to expect from you. If you shrug and mumble when you say hello, the world may think you don’t love yourself and therefore, you must not be worth loving. If you are pleasant and well-mannered, excited when people give you good news, are interested in what others have to say and how they feel, you are projecting a much more attractive and likeable you.Grouchy women are simply not attractive, so act lovely, and attract love.

3. Connect with Culture.

You may see examples of glamorous women dating fabulously successful men, but the surface appearances often give way to lousy relationships. But there is value in being a person of the world, so tune into trends, art and culture and know that if you are impressed by knowledge and cultural insight, you can embody that value by increasing your knowledge and impress a partner simultaneously. Are you willing to take the time to refine your taste? You don’t have to become a member of the elitist art world to appreciate the finer things in life, but you should always feel free find your niche and occupy it.Rediscover your passion for the food, art and experiences that light you up. When you wear your lust for life on your sleeve, others will lust for you. A man wants to be loved and when he sees how much love you have for life, he will want to be in your world.

4. Find Your Friends.

Being single doesn’t mean your alone, does it? One of the best parts of being single is having time to enjoy your friendships. Spending time with close friends, prepares you for a better friendship with your current or future partner. A loveable, radiant person doesn’t look any particular way, but he or she would never wallow in self-pity, depressed about being “alone.” After all, you’re as alone as you feel. Having good friends in your life allows you to develop lots of interests and networks of compatible people and along the way, it lets you actually discover who you are. Once you do that, you will be in love with yourself and you will attract great partnership possibilities from which to choose.iStock_000008315136_Small-1260x840

5. Work Your Projects.

A passive life of little interaction will not get you closer to meeting a great relationship candidate. Why should it? If you are a poster child for boredom, you might attract a boring partner with only casual interest. Can you blame the great guys out there if they want a little more out of a woman? If you are working on a project, though, you have something to create and give the world. When you add value to the universe you are seen by everyone as more valuable.If you fall in love with doing something and work to do it as interestingly as possible, you will develop a few things along the way. First, you will be involved in whatever community is also immersed in creating. Whether you’re joining a choir, forming a punk band, learning to paint or taking a cake decorating class, meeting people along the way and sharing in their joy of life will add to your own joy.Second, in creating things, you learn to take pride in what you can do. The experience of success builds on itself and pretty soon you have reason to be proud of yourself. And finally, the lessons you learn in making great objects or completing great tasks can be applied to your life.Bettering your world makes you irresistible as a potential partner to someone else who has intentionally evolved into a fully formed man and entered the world looking for a woman who has already fallen in love with herself.

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